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Obesity is the #1 health crisis in the United States!  Almost 75% of the population is either significantly overweight or clinically obese.  Extra pounds can lead to Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, and even Auto-Immune Diseases!  The Revolutionary, Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Program guides you through a 20-40 lb. weight loss, safely in just 6, short weeks!  For more information on this life-changing process please text “thin” to 314-842-8884 and receive more information $50 off your ChiroThin Program!  I hope to help you on your weight loss journey very soon!

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Happy Holidays everyone! Just a quick note on my office hours over the Holiday season!

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve…9am-1pm

December 26th….1-6pm

Wednesday, January 2nd…9-1, 3-6

All other days will be normal hours!

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