I went through several doctors, rounds of Physical Therapy, meds, and everything else.  Dr. Toby told me my problem was OVERDIAGNOSED…he had me feeling better in a few short visits!  Thanks Doc!

Mary A.

St. Louis

I was released from rehab %50 earlier after major shoulder surgery thanks to Dr. Toby and his PEMF machine! Bring on the golf season!

Vic B.

St. Louis

Walked in with migraine….walked out without a migraine!  Thank you Dr. Toby

Kate K.

St. Louis


We love nothing more that referrals to your friends and family.  Happy patients are central to our services.  We want you to live life pain free and in a state of total wellness.  Pills and surgery ARE NOT THE ANSWER.

Make an appointment to visit us today and join these happy folks on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t forget to ask about electromagnetic therapy!


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